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Celebrating a year that brought us together
—here's what we accomplished in 2022!



2 Town Hall meetings with 235 participants.

108 collaborations  with artists and designers.

2,000+ kids  of all ages on the runway.

18,737 visitors  online.

35,000+ people  reached via social.

Nothing beats  in-person engagement with our neighbours and seeing Downsview through local eyes.

You asked for meaningful celebration of local arts and culture. In 2022, XOXO Downsview delivered! We’re building on and developing new collaborations, and it’s just the beginning!

While the City’s Update Downsview became the main venue for formal feedback, your comments never stopped coming to us. We’re listening, gathering, and responding to your feedback in the work we do.

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There’s still a long way to go in this process and many more decades of engagement ahead. Here’s where we’re at:

Timeline diagram 2022


First 3 rounds of community engagement
Decades-long redevelopment process
We’re here!

Following the submission of our Framework Plan last year, 2022 saw the continuation of our engagement on the ground and the launch of the City’s Update Downsview process. Catch up on their progress and learn how we’re working together:

An Update Downsview public launch event in January

Update Downsview Study and 123 Garratt Boulevard and 70 Canuck Avenue - Official Plan Amendment Application - Status Report

An Update Downsview Study and OPA Application Status Report, adopted in May

Community participation board

Pop-up events at the Downsview Library in June

Lancaster Community Centre

Off-site pop-up events and a survey in June

Virtual Meeting June

A Virtual Public Meeting in June

A Virtual Public Meeting in December

See what else the City has been up to and complete a survey via the Update Downsview website

What’s on the horizon for  2023?

Here’s hoping 2023 brings you all the best & brings us together!