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Following 16 months of engagement—and informed by extensive feedback from Downsview locals and city-wide stakeholders—our team has just submitted a proposed Framework Plan to the City of Toronto.

View one of two identical Public Information Meetings to about our proposal to the City.

Public Briefing 1
Wed, Oct 6, 2021, 4-6pm

Public Briefing 2
Thurs, Oct 7, 2021, 7-9pm

It's a product of shared priorities.

The Framework Plan forms the basis of an application to the City for an Official Plan Amendment, and subsequently an update to the Downsview Area Secondary Plan, that is informed by feedback received over three rounds of engagement. It is also shaped by a deep understanding of the local context and the City’s priorities and policies for this place, which greatly align with priorities we heard in our outreach and our priorities as landowners. This includes celebrating Downsview Park, which will not be reduced in size.

This Plan is simply a proposal.

It's an exciting step, but only one in a decades-long process of reimagining this place in collaboration with Downsview neighbours, rights holders, the City, and many others. The Plan will inform the amendment to the Secondary Plan for this area, so it may someday be the series of connected neighbourhoods that our participants have imagined. Following their review, City staff will ask the community for feedback before updating the Downsview Area Secondary Plan.


We’re guided by a Vision.

Ten elements guide our approach to this remarkable opportunity. The elements of our Vision were enthusiastically received by participants during Round Three of our engagement process. Details of participant feedback can be found here and more information on our guiding principles can be found on our Progress page.

Campus Corridor concept

Ten key elements are guiding our approach to this remarkable opportunity.
Slide to explore them all!

Artist renderings, for illustrative purposes only


Downsview Park will be at the heart.

The Park has long been the heart of Downsview. From the start, we committed to keep Downsview Park at its current size. Our Framework Plan celebrates this local asset by improving access to the Park and increasing the amount of connected green and open space across the site. In fact, building on our commitment and on feedback received over the last year, the Framework Plan proposes an additional 100 acres (40 hectares) of new parks, greenways, and open space. 


XOXO Downsview is a celebration of public art, culture, and local heritage in coordination with Toronto’s Year of Public Art. Check out the dynamic installations, murals, multimedia works, and an audio walking tour on the Downsview Lands and in Downsview Park. 

Engagement doesn’t stop here. 


We’re taking a step-by-step approach to create new neighbourhoods, prioritizing community and collaboration. Through this long-term process, we will seek out Indigenous, Black, and all other voices to reach the whole community at every step.

New neighbourhoods illustration

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We're a collaboration of two Crown corporations, in it for the long haul and committed to public benefit.

We're creating a framework plan inspired by your ideas and feedback and informed by the public policy priorities of the city and province and our priorities as landowners.

The process is just beginning and the site will take decades to evolve. We’re currently focusing on land use and improving connections. Details will come later.

Three phases of consultation will lead to a Framework Plan


An old-fashioned airplane sculpture celebrates the heritage of the area

The departure of Bombardier is an amazing opportunity, but the area is not a blank slate. We’re working with locals on the ground to understand the place, the surrounding neighbourhoods, and how changes can contribute positively to what’s already working here.

We’re seeking to amplify and build on the distinctive, resilient, and resourceful spirit of Downsview. 

To know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been.

The local community has also been helping us explore the rich history of this place—identifying stories that are integral to its identity and future.

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