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Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company are working together to plan the future of their lands in Downsview – a process we call id8 Downsview. An essential part of the process is effective communication and engagement with members of the public, communities, and stakeholders. The landowners are creating and convening the Community Resource Group (CRG) to support a transparent, accountable, and meaningful process informed by multi-way communication between multiple interests.


To provide a forum for sharing perspectives and advice with Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company through the process of planning and developing their lands at Downsview. It is not intended to address individual issues and/or concerns. This forum cannot be used for individual financial or political gain.


A diverse mix of organizations and individuals representing a range of sectors, interests, communities, and geographies connected to (but not necessarily limited to) the following areas:

  • Business, commercial and institutional

  • Resident, tenant, neighbourhood or community associations

  • African, Caribbean,
    and Black communities

  • Equity and inclusion

  • Environment and nature

  • Urban agriculture

  • Seniors

  • Youth

  • Indigenous communities

  • Housing

  • Urban mobility and transportation

  • Arts and culture

  • Community development

  • Recreation and community services

  • Other local and citywide stakeholders

A mix of individuals and organizations are being sought for membership on the Community Resource Group. For participating organizations, each organization will have one consistent representative participating at each meeting. An alternate representative will be identified and able to participate in their absence.

Anyone interested in joining the CRG may apply for membership at any time. All new applications will undergo the same selection process as the earlier applications. All memberships require unanimous agreement from Northcrest and Canada Lands, and are conditional on the acceptance of these Terms of Reference.


The CRG will meet in the evenings, roughly every quarter (or 4 times each year). The length of term for members will be two years, staggered to support continuity as the membership changes over time. Meetings will be held in-person in Downsview, with virtual meetings used as/if necessary based on guidance provided by public health officials.


The CRG will share its perspectives and advice to Northcrest and Canada Lands with the assistance of a third-party facilitator.

CRG members, Northcrest, Canada Lands, and the Facilitation team will:

  • Agree to these Terms of Reference;

  • Be transparent about the intention behind their participation in the CRG;

  • Assist in the development of meeting agendas;

  • Provide material for review in advance of CRG meetings, where possible;

  • Strive to provide accurate, understandable information to each other to support the sharing of informed perspectives and advice;

  • Listen carefully to the perspectives shared and explain how those perspectives have been considered in shaping their understanding and advice;

  • Ensure the results of discussions are accurately documented in the form of meeting summaries that reflect key discussion points and actions; and

  • Agree that all meeting summaries, as well as the Terms of Reference for the CRG, will be shared publicly.

CRG members will also: Communicate to and from those whose interests they represent (e.g. members, communities, stakeholders, etc.); and maintain the ability to advocate outside of the CRG process to advance their perspectives.


Northcrest and Canada Lands will also: Invite appropriate technical consultants (or other resource people, including relevant government representatives) to attend discussions on specific issues or components of the process; post finalized CRG meeting summaries to the id8 Downsview website; and be the lead contact for media inquiries regarding the CRG.


The facilitation team will also: Lead the development of meeting agendas; produce a summary of each meeting and make the summary available to participants; and assist in the resolution of issues, as required.


Role of elected officials: Elected officials are ex-officio members of the CRG and are welcome to attend CRG meetings primarily as observers, participating in discussions as/if appropriate to enrich our collective understanding of the issues and opportunities at hand as the id8 Downsview process evolves.

Role of the Rights Holders: The Rights Holders will be invited to every CRG meeting. The CRG meetings are not a substitute for the meaningful, direct dialogue with the First Nations. That dialogue will continue to happen as the id8 Downsview process evolves. The invitation and opportunity to attend and participate in the CRG meetings is offered as a means of respect and transparency with the Rights Holders. 

Role of City of Toronto staff: City Planning staff (and other City staff, as required) will be invited to every CRG meeting to support information sharing and coordination between the id8 Downsview engagement process and the City’s work to update the Downsview Area Secondary Plan (560 hectares) and review OPA application jointly made by Northcrest and Canada Lands for 210 hectares in Downsview.


The CRG is a resource group, not a decision-making body. Documented meeting summaries will indicate the discussion, point out areas where perspectives are shared, and areas where opinions differ and why.


The CRG will continue to function while the convenors and CRG members continue to consider this a valuable and constructive contribution to their collective work in Downsview. CRG members are free to leave at any time.


Liaison with the CRG will be led by Ian Hanecak, Manager, Community & Stakeholder Relations, Northcrest Development or Manon Lapensee, Director, Corporate Communications, Canada Lands Company by emailing or calling (647) 245 3399.

Updates to these Terms of Reference:
•    September, 2021 to extend membership to individuals (as per feedback received from participants during Round 3 of id8 Downsview engagement process)

•    October, 2021 to include invitations for the Rights Holders to all CRG meetings

•    May, 2022 to include a description of the role of City of Toronto staff and to reflect a minor change in process

• September, 2022 to clarify CRG mandate and process for new stakeholders interested in CRG

Thanks to those who submitted an application to participate on the id8 Downsview Community Resource Group. The August 31, 2021 deadline for application has passed and we are now reviewing the applications and will be in touch with all applicants to provide updates on the selection process. If you have any questions about the CRG please get in touch with us by email or calling 647-245-3399.

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