Parks & Nature



"If there was one thing about my neighbourhood that I love, it is green space and parks."

In Round One of the consultation process people told us that they love Downsview Park, and also that they need more access to green space where wildlife can thrive, food can be grown, and people can be both active and relaxed. Based on this feedback, we’re exploring the idea of City Nature as we rethink these 520 acres of land.

What if we leverage both Downsview Park and the runway to create a City Nature network that could help all the things that live here thrive— the plants, animals, birds, insects, and people?

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Getting Around &
Across the Site


"Find ways to allow more connections over or under the railway."

During Round One of the id8 consultation process, we heard Downview defined, in part, by its lack of connections. People told us that it takes a long time to get places, routes are not direct, and they’re not safe enough. We heard that Downsview’s neighbourhoods are car-centric and that the rail corridor and runway are major barriers. People want direct, safe connections that work better for walking and cycling. In response to this feedback and public policy priorities—and because the runway will not be a barrier in the future—we’re exploring ideas to improve connectivity locally and to broader city transportation networks, and looking at the possibility of major new north-south and east-west connections across the site.

What if Downsview had a more connected future—one that makes it easy for people walking, cycling, taking local transit, and driving to get around and across the site?


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Jobs & Employment


"I'd like to see smaller retail spaces, with many reserved for independent businesses."

In Round One of the consultation process, we heard that employment needs to be a big part of Downsview’s future. Among other things, participants stressed the need to provide well-paying jobs, support diverse businesses and working spaces, build on the evolving aerospace industry, and create meaningful work, including opportunities for youth. We were also told that vibrant, mixed use streets as well as cultural attractions and institutional uses could attract activity in the future. We hear you, Downsview!

What if Downsview’s future addresses economic challenges created by COVID-19, responds to the needs of industry, helps keep Toronto competitive, and at the same time also supports local main streets with diverse, locally-owned businesses?


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People & Neighbourhoods


"One of the things I've always felt Toronto lacks is great public spaces where people can meet & connect."

In Round One of the consultation process, participants spoke passionately about their connection to—and aspirations for—Downsview. Among many things, people asked for a full range of housing options, more community facilities and services, recognition of the area’s history and challenges related to equity and inclusion, architectural diversity, and a holistic approach to the site. We want to use the emerging Framework Plan to address these issues and connect the people of Downsview together. 

What if Downsview was planned as a collection of 15-minute neighbourhoods: vibrant, complete, walkable communities with a mix of housing, land uses, community spaces, and employment?


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We acknowledge that the Downsview lands are on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit who signed Treaty 13 (1805), and that these lands have also been the historic homelands of the Huron Wendat and Haudenosaunee people.