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Downsview Together

Following 18 months of engagement—and informed by extensive feedback from Downsview locals and city-wide stakeholders—our team has submitted a proposed Framework Plan to the City of Toronto.




Climb to the top of the mound to see the second winner of the Wind Rose competition, and share your photo with #Hello_SeeYouAround


25 New Works of Art in Downsview

The Perimeter Project uses the fencing around Downsview as a canvas for local art.

id8 Social 2022_To Post.jpg

Town Hall

On December 8th, 2022, an update on the ongoing planning process for Downsview was given to the public. 


XOXO Annual Report

Explore a year of arts and culture projects and our self-assessment based on XOXO's community-developed guiding principles.

Campus Corridor concept

Ten key elements are guiding our approach to this remarkable opportunity.
Slide to explore them all!

Artist renderings, for illustrative purposes only



XOXO Downsview is a celebration of public art, culture, and local heritage launched in coordination with Toronto’s Year of Public Art. Check out the dynamic installations, murals, multimedia works, and an audio walking tour on the Downsview Lands and in Downsview Park. 

To know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been.

The local community has been helping us explore the rich history of this place—identifying stories that are integral to its identity and future.

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