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XOXO Downsview was a pilot project of Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company that fostered an approach to local arts that will be used for decades to come. The project prioritized community

collaboration and highlighted the exceptional creative energy in and around Downsview. Thank you to all the artists and community groups who made XOXO a success and continue to shine a light on local arts and culture! XOXO Downsview launched in September 2021 in collaboration with ArtworxTO, Toronto’s Year of Public Art. One year became two, and over that time, XOXO Downsview brought hundreds of creative people together through diverse interim arts projects. Each one demonstrated the abundance of talent in this pocket of northwest Toronto. Projects were guided by a set of inclusive principles created in collaboration with local artists and organizations. The projects were also shaped by the XOXO Advisory Committee, composed of local and city-wide experts, and artist submissions were judged by a pool of XOXO selection panel members. The projects included installations, murals, multimedia works, in-person and audio tours, events, and even a local pilsner! XOXO Downsview was an initiative of id8 Downsview, an engagement process connected to the Downsview Secondary Plan. As that process reaches its conclusion, so must XOXO. But there’s no stopping the arts and culture projects ahead; the principles, infrastructure, and energy of XOXO will continue to be employed by both Canada Lands Company and Northcrest Developments in their individual districts in the years ahead. This is just the beginning, and in Downsview, there’s a lot to love!



XOXO Downsview engaged over 300 artists and collaborators, and this is just the start. Canada Lands and Northcrest will be creating more opportunities for arts and culture in the years to come!

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Launched in collaboration with Toronto’s Year of Public Art, XOXO Downsview rolled out 15+ projects over 30+ months, including art installations, competitions, interactive tours, and even a beer!

The Wind Rose