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XOXO Downsview is a celebration of public art, culture, and local heritage launched in coordination with Toronto's Year of Public Art. It involves dynamic installations, murals, multimedia works, and an audio walking tour on the Downsview Lands and in Downsview Park. The projects highlight local artists, aim to bring people together, and highlight the history and potential of Downsview as a destination and generator of cultural works. In Downsview, there’s a lot to love!

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Explore this map to learn more about the installations throughout the site.

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These installations are only the start. Next to Downsview Park, lands are being reimagined as complete communities in collaboration with locals, Indigenous rights holders, and the City of Toronto. Arts and culture will be a big part of the future of this place, both in the final neighbourhoods and while planning is underway. Landowners Northcrest and Canada Lands are committed to amplifying the rich local arts scene and exploring how equity and diversity will guide opportunities here over decades to come.


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