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Painted Path


Take a walk along a meandering path, punctuated with unexpected lines, canvases for local art, and audio tour stops that highlight Downsview’s rich arts and culture scene, past and present.

Downsview XOXO’s painted path begins just south of Downsview Park Station, at the east exit. Look for a welcome from Jieun June Kim’s tiger—or “horangi”—painted to bring good energy and symbolize courage and power, according to Korean folklore and myth. 


Then walk, skip, or jump along the colourful sequence of graphic lines that run for 1.2 kilometres through the Downsview Lands. These playful lines have become canvases for local artists. Look out for: a painting of kids at play by Moises Frank (a.k.a. Luvs); Afro-Indigenous artist Kaya Joan’s work of the “Three Sisters” — corn, squash, and beans; Gosia Komorski’s vignette reflecting on the military history with birds and aircraft; Phillip Saunders’ set of ASL hand signs spelling “love”; and Curtia Wright’s painting of local icon, Michie Mee.


Check out the collaborations page to learn more about these artists, the amazing arts advocacy organization they are a part of (called Just B Graphic), and their creative support team members, Gabriela Gonzalez and Josiah Grant (a.k.a. King Jay).  And keep coming back to see how this path evolves.

Learn more about the audio tour that animates the path and meet our collaborators

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