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Arts and culture will be critical for the future of these lands — both in the final buildout and in the interim as planning is underway. Landowners Northcrest and Canada Lands want to ensure that arts and culture planning draws on, and amplifies, the rich local scene and talent that already exists in and around Downsview. In fact, we’re calling our arts and culture process “XOXO Downsview,” because, in Downsview, there’s a lot to love. 


Through our engagement process, we learned how important a community-focused, transparent, and defensible approach to arts and culture is to all parties. In collaboration with the local and city-wide arts communities, we developed an XOXO Workplan and a set of principles to guide arts and culture on these lands. The living document is available here. The Workplan outlines how an XOXO Advisory Committee (XOXO-AC) and XOXO juries will be part of a larger process that ensures diverse communities are part of the arts and culture projects that happen on these lands. 


We know the success of XOXO Downsview relies on close collaboration with those who have deep local and city-wide experience and knowledge. Thank you for your interest in participating.


Open Seats

  • Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

  • North York Arts

Landowner Seats

  • Northcrest

  • Canada Lands

XOXO Advisory Committee Members