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We have been working with local communities and other stakeholders to generate a shared vision and framework for 520 acres at Downsview. This process has led to some early thinking that will inform the future of the project, with Downsview Park remaining at the heart of the community.

Join us to explore how to deliver a robust open space network of green streets, parks, open spaces, and public plazas that support neighbourhood resilience and public health, contribute to climate change adaptation, provide recreation opportunities and green infrastructure, biodiverse habitat, and more.

Join us to explore connecting east-west and north-south across the site. We want a Framework Plan that improves connectivity and serves people walking, cycling, driving, and using a wide range of other devices to get around. This includes creating compact, mixed-use neighbourhoods where daily needs can be met locally.

Join us to explore how to make employment a big part of Downsview’s future by attracting new employment uses, and by creating neighbourhoods where employees want to live and where employers want to locate.

Join us to explore 15-minute neighbourhoods—where people live, work, shop, learn, and play within a 15 minute walk or bike ride—and to discuss how density and transit can work together.

Read more about our emerging ideas for the future & click to share your thoughts.

The id8 Downsview team is continuing to reimagine the future of 520 acres of land owned by Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company. We’re working together with the local community and stakeholders to generate a vision and framework for future development of the site. It will take many decades for the Downsview redevelopment process to unfold and creating a Framework Plan is one important step.

Round One of our consultation occurred in Spring 2020.  During that round, we heard from over 550 people and over 60 organizations who told us what they like about the area, some of the challenges they face, and the many, many opportunities they’d like to see considered for the future.  You can read more about what we heard on our Round One Feedback page

Identifying Shared Priorities

In addition to community and stakeholder priorities, the future Framework Plan for Downsview will be informed by the priorities of Northcrest and Canada Lands as landowners, and public policy priorities of the City and Province. This includes fourteen Draft Principles that Toronto’s City Council adopted in late June 2020 to guide the future of these lands.

When we compared the priorities of the community and stakeholders with those of the City and Province, and our own, we were encouraged by how much they overlap. Our design team has been reviewing these priorities and analyzing the site in detail, and is starting to look at ideas related to:

Round One feedback identified other priorities not included in the above themes. There are also City priorities that aren’t yet reflected in the ideas shared here. Rest assured, our team is thinking about affordable housing, equity and inclusion, growing the existing economy of locally-owned diverse businesses, built-in sustainability, community services and facilities, and other policies. We are committed to pushing boundaries, being innovative, and considering the area holistically for the long haul.


We’ll be sharing and seeking feedback on policy ideas as part of Round Three of the consultation process. At that time we’ll also be sharing maps that propose things like major roads, parks and green spaces, and districts, just like what you see in the 2011 Downsview Secondary Plan, but updated to reflect the new context for the specific area.

Round Two: Your Thoughts on These Ideas

This second round of consultation is focused on getting your thoughts on these early ideas. We will be presenting them at a Virtual Public Townhall and four subject-specific Virtual Public Workshops scheduled for September and October. You can learn more about these events and register on our Participate page. 

Download the Townhall presentation here.

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We acknowledge that the Downsview lands are on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit who signed Treaty 13 (1805), and that these lands have also been the historic homelands of the Huron Wendat and Haudenosaunee people.