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The application for an Official Plan Amendment seeks to implement our vision, which was informed by thousands of community voices,  for the redevelopment of the site.  The anticipated decommissioning of the Bombardier airfield provides a truly unique opportunity to reconsider the potential of such a large and strategically located site in the centre of a growing city and region.

The Official Plan Amendment is our proposal to the City to implement the proposed Framework and identify the planning policies that we would like Council to adopt to provide direction for the redevelopment of the site.   

Why does this application matter?

What does the application seek to change?

Development on these lands is currently governed by the 2011 Downsview Area Secondary Plan and Site and Area Specific Policy No. 596 (SASP 596). SASP 596 recently changed the permitted land uses in this area and guides how the Downsview Secondary Plan will be updated in this upcoming review. The application to amend the Official Plan and update the local Secondary Plan is consistent with the direction of SASP 596. 

The following documents were included in the application to amend the Official Plan.

A Focus on SASP 596

Site and Area Specific Policy No. 596 changed  the land use under the Official Plan for most of the site from “Core Employment Areas” to “Regeneration Areas” and “General Employment”. More generally, SASP 596 guides how to update the Downsview Area Secondary Plan. It provides direction on matters such as: the minimum amount of non-residential uses and how this is to be phased with residential uses; how the use of District Plans should be developed; and minimum requirements for affordable housing. 


SASP 596 also ensures that certain planning matters are addressed as part of the process of updating the Downsview Area Secondary Plan. For example, SASP 596provides direction regarding the preparation of an updated land use plan, the preparation of a public realm plan illustrating parks and open spaces and identifying new streets and active transportation routes, and the preparation of plans and studies addressing matters such as land use compatibility, rail safety, transportation, community services and recreation facilities, and phasing. It also requires engagement and consultation to be part of the process before the land use permissions are updated.

What is in the Application?

The application seeks to guide the physical development of this place through the planning process. Other work extends beyond just the planning process.

We have a guide to the planning process here. You can also read more about how participant feedback shaped our application and Framework Plan here.  

Our entire application will soon be available on the City of Toronto’s website. Below, we outline the materials submitted as part of the application, what they are, and why they matter. 

The City of Toronto will be seeking feedback from the public about this application. Read all the details on the City’s website and learn more about how the id8 process shaped this application on our Progress page.

Share your thoughts.

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