Learning on the Ground through Fieldnotes

In August 2020, we put on our masks and hit the streets of Downsview. Our Fieldnotes crew is connecting with locals to get on-the-ground perspectives, which is vital as our design team plans for the future. We meet people where they’re at—in parks, on street corners, in plazas, and at bus stops—to ask how they experience, use, and move around their neighbourhoods. 

Fieldnotes staffer interviewing a Downsview local

Understanding Steps in our Process

Changes at Downsview will take decades. They’ll be guided by the Province and the City through a series of steps, and also impacted by a range of the priorities. The planning process starts with big themes and gets more granular as we go, and public input is essential at each step of the process. We’re just at the start and there’s a long way to go.

Planning starts with big themes and gets detailed as we go

How COVID is Shaping id8 Downsview
COVID has forced us to revisit and rethink how we live our lives and do our work. This project is no exception. We’ve been working hard to adjust and adapt our engagement process, our design team’s thinking, and how we’re working together as a team. Here are just some of the ways COVID has shaped the id8 process.  

COVID has meant new ways of engaging with the public

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