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In 2022, Northcrest and XOXO launched a limited-edition XOXO Downsview Pilsner. The idea came from seeing hops grow on the Downsview Lands and from theoretical discussions of the distinctive local Downsview flavour. The resulting brew is a collaboration with Ren Navarro from Beer Diversity, who spent some time growing up in the Downsview area. It was produced by Indigenous co-owned Red Tape Brewery. The beer speaks to where Downsview has been and where it’s going. Like Downsview, beer is a story of slow migration, change, and infinite possibility. This beer blends old and new and points to the future. Starting with an Italian Pilsner, we added the new world hops that have been grown successfully on the Downsview Lands. This beer looks forward by featuring Adeymi Adegbesan’s “Agents of Change” mural, part of the ArtworxTO ALL STYLES BIPOC mural curated by Danilo Deluxo on the Downsview Depot.

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