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Audio Tour

Over seven parts, the audio tour weaves together the rich history and heritage of design, performance, architecture, music, and culture of the local area. Check out the locations of the tour stops on the map
and listen in below or on ArtworxTO’s Driftscape app. 

Hosted by engagement specialist Jane Farrow, this  tour of the XOXO Downsview installations highlights the bold, vital spirit of Downsview. You’ll learn about the compelling and surprising history of music, art, heritage architecture, aviation, performance, and visual arts and how it all connects with the present day and plans for the future. The tour takes about 2 hours on foot or 1 hour by bike.

(Click         for transcription)

Welcome to Downsview

Downsview Station, East Exit
GPS: 43°45'13.50"N 79°28'38.58"W

Thanks for joining us for an entertaining stroll through the Downsview Lands and Downsview Park as told through arts and heritage features. Starting with its significance to Indigenous communities as a ridge linking the Don and Humber Rivers, the tour draws on the fun and surprising history of music, art, heritage architecture, aviation, performance and visual arts connected to the area. XOXO Downsview is a collaboration with ArtworxTO Tours and id8 Downsview. ArtworxTO has established its Hub North right here in Downsview.

Learn more about the painted path that guides the tour and meet our collaborators

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