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People of the Downsview Lands


In November 2023, a public call for muralist teams was issued to Toronto’s creative community.  The brief asked teams to respond in some way to the social and cultural histories and/or possible futures of these lands with original murals that were thoughtful and engaging, and visually striking. The brief was crafted with the guidance of the XOXO Advisory Committee and the submissions were assessed by a panel of local arts experts. Ultimately, AstroSankofa Arts Initiatives, won the competition. The North York-based team will be painting their piece in The Hangar District in spring 2024. The mural will include the concept of time travel and reflect on community through Afrofuturism. It will feature two Afronauts (Black time-travelers) and floating gizmos depicting different parts of Downsview’s history. The project will also feature AR interactivity and a mentorship component with local students.

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