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Downsview Lands Mural


AstroSankofa Arts Initiatives is a North York-based team that brings forward more opportunities and production for Black creatives and youth who work within the realms of Black science and speculative fiction in addition to the five dimensions of Afrofuturism (2.0): metaphysics, aesthetics, theoretical and applied sciences, social science and programmatic spaces. The initiatives include but are not limited to the curation and production of exhibitions, public art installation productions, conventions and panels, and Web3 interventions such as non-fungible token projects and metaverse expeditions. Each initiative will reinstate the power of arts and the Black community's connection to their ancestral roots to improve the future.  AstroSankofa won the People of the Downsview Lands mural competition in December 2023. The mural will be painted in spring 2024. The winning team includes: lead artist, Kanisha Dabreo; co-lead artist, Jimmy Baptiste; supporting artist, mentor, and workshop facilitator, AJA Louden; mural mentee, Samantha Dennis; and AR coordinator and designer, Quentin VerCetty.

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