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See You Around

In March 2023, the second of three winning concepts was installed on the Downsview Wind Rose following a competition for emerging designers. "See You Around" by emerging artist Sherri Gallowitz, highlights the diverse local community and Downsview Park as a gathering place. Climb to the top of the mound and share your photo with #Hello_SeeYouAround !

The installation celebrates a cross-section of community members who are the heart of Downsview. Photographs of individuals, friends and families (plus a few canine companions) form a circle of humanity that demonstrates the simple joy of being, in this moment, in this special place. Dedicated to inclusion and accessibility, the project’s goal is to build community.


Meet the Artist

Sherri Gallowitz is an emerging artist and graphic designer who lives in the Downsview area. She was inspired to enter the Wind Rose design competition during one of her daily visits to Downsview Park with her dog. The project has helped deepen her relationships with the local community. In her professional work, Sherri leads G4Change, which helps non profit and social profit organizations with branding and communications. 

The Downsview Wind Rose

The Downsview Wind Rose is a radial network of 16 square arches arranged in a compass-like formation on the highest mound in Downsview Park. It is named after a time-honoured tool invented by meteorologists that maps the direction and speed of the wind in a specific location.


Since fall 2021, the Downsview Wind Rose has hosted a range of community installations, and in fall 2022, emerging designers from across the GTA were invited to propose new temporary works for the structure. A panel of local and city-wide public art experts selected three winning proposals. These concepts will be installed, each for around 10 weeks.

The Competition Proposals

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Learn more about the Downsview Wind Rose and previous installations.

This installation is part of XOXO Downsview, a local arts and culture initiative of Northcrest Developments and Canada Lands Company — landowners who are collaborating on a new development adjacent to Downsview Park.

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