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Wind Blessing in Red


For their beautiful and poetic installation on the Downsview Wind Rose, OCADU students, Zishuo Li and Yifu Ding, collected local wishes for the future and set them free! The artists wrote hundreds of community wishes on fabric for their installation called “Wind Blessing in Red.” Their project was a winner of the Wind Rose Emerging Designer competition.

Come to the highest mound in Downsview Park to see the wind bless all the wishes through July, 2023.

About this Project

Wind, a blessing of nature, is the elemental force that pollinates and seeds. Red, a colour of fire, is the symbol of passion and love. Language, a system unique to humans, is the keystone for cultural development. This installation incorporates the three to bring visitors a multisensory experience. Immersed in the sound of air brushing against fabric, visitors are invited to read wishes collected from the community, written in everyone’s own languages.

Meet the Artists

Zishuo Li is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist. They received their BFA in Drawing & Painting from OCAD University and BEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering from McMaster University. They are currently an MFA candidate for Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design at OCAD U. Their research interests are in natural materials and environmental philosophy, seeking to use natural materials to bring their ecological consciousness into various art forms, including paintings, installations and time-based media. Born in China, Zishuo’s practice is influenced by Daoism and traditional Chinese philosophy. In their recent works, Zishuo delves into the intricate relationship between nature and things that interacts with its forces, shaping our world and defining our existence. Nature is always home to souls, and so is art.


Yifu Ding is a passionate emerging designer in the field of architecture. With a focus on ecological sustainability and wellbeing, Yifu is committed to creating spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of their occupants. Yifu earned their undergraduate degree in Environmental Design from OCAD University and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Toronto. Their design works reflect a deep understanding of the intricate connections between the built environment and the natural world, and they are dedicated to designing spaces that reinforce these biogeochemical systems. Yifu's designs are a testament to their commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future for all.

The Downsview Wind Rose

The Downsview Wind Rose is a radial network of 16 square arches arranged in a compass-like formation on the highest mound in Downsview Park. It is named after a time-honoured tool invented by meteorologists that maps the direction and speed of the wind in a specific location.

Since fall 2021, the Downsview Wind Rose has hosted a range of community installations, and in fall 2022, emerging designers from across the GTA were invited to propose new temporary works for the structure. A panel of local and city-wide public art experts selected three winning proposals. These concepts will be installed, each for around 10 weeks.

The Competition Proposals

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